Geek Toys At Old Nerd Reviews


As you may or may not know, I work from home and make my living on the computer.  I’m always in need of groovy things to help me make better videos for you guys and others.

Within the last couple months (as of this writing), I purchased a couple nice photo backgrounds, one of which is a green screen.  If you don’t know, green screens are the backgrounds that allow you to put anything you could possibly think of behind you.  I also grabbed three light stands and lights to top them with.  I’m really happy with it all.  Perhaps I’ll make a video soon to show you all the stuff.  I do a good amount of contract and freelance work for other people, too, so the equipment is going to come in real handy.

Anywho, I hate dealing with crowds, so shopping online is always my first choice.

It’s convenient, fast, easy, and the online stores won’t run out of product.  Well, I guess they do sometimes, but very rarely and things are usually re-stocked pretty quickly.

My favorite place to shop online is at Amazon.  Their web site is amazing and there is nothing they don’t sell.  That said, I’ve put together this special Geek Toys page on Old Nerd so you can find something exceptionally groovy for yourself or someone else.