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The YouTube Food Reviewers That I Watch

Hi gang!

I’ve noticed a question coming up a lot on the live chats I have on Saturday evenings.  “Who are are your favorite food reviewers?  What YouTube foodies do you watch most?”

Not everyone is going to be on the same chat (I hope that changes eventually and I’ll have the whole YouTube world watching! haha), so rather than answering the question over and over and over again, I decided that it was past time to make a video about it and put the question to rest, once and for all.  At least to date.

Here is that video:

Now you know!  Thanks for tuning into the channel and if you haven’t subscribed already, I’d love to have you on a regular basis.  Also, make sure to tune into the Saturday chats, live on YouTube at 5 pm, Pacific.  We have a great time!

Take care and I’ll talk to you again real soon!



Hickory Farms Mustard REVIEW And LIVE YouTube Chat! | 1/8/2017

Hola, gang!

hickory farms gift basket

We did a live YouTube chat and food review today.  I received a couple jars of Hickory Farms mustard from my son and was anxious to try it out and share the results with you all.  I have some Hickory Farms Honey And Pineapple Mustard and a some Hickory Farms Sweet Hot Mustard.  I’ve loved anything from Hickory Farms since I was first introduced to them as a kid.  They still kiosk in when Thanksgiving and Christmas rolls around and used to have a full retail store in the local mall here.  Summer sausage, cheeses….just #nomnomnom!

Doing live chats rather than always doing regular YouTube videos always brings a dialog element to them.  They really are different and a lot of fun.  So, if you didn’t have a chance to hit it live, here is the archived video for you:


I’m trying to make sure I announce any live chats ahead of time now, so make sure you are following me on Twitter and Facebook, at least.  Since this was a regular Sunday release, I figured you all come on over without the announcement….although, I did announce it. 😉