It’s the end of the road for the Walker’s Crisps Content series!!  I’m wrapping it up with Issac (my son) and I trying the ever-meaty Walker’s Sizzling Steak Fajita Crisps.

I’ve really enjoyed bringing this video review series to you.  Firstly, it’s something that I cannot get inside the United States without the magic of the Internet and something I really, really enjoyed chowing down on.

Walkers Crisps are so different from their parent company Lays.  Crisps are less greasy, less salty, and Walkers seems to be able to nail a flavor exactly.  The meat flavors taste like the specified meats!  It really blew us away with how spot-on they got this!!  I’m anxious to try more of their regular flavors and review those for you.

So, below is the video and below that is the link to the entire series.  Enjoy and let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of the Walker’s Do Us A Flavour Crisps and what you thought.

CLICK HERE  for the entire playlist!

Take care, HAVE A FREAKING AWESOME DAY, and I’ll see you next post!!!