Fidgets are all the rage!  Fidgets are not only the hottest toys right now, but they are helping many special needs kids, people with ADHD, kids and adults in therapy, calming, stress, anxiety issues, and people are finding more needs and uses for these interesting little things every day.

fidgets spinnerWhat are Fidgets?  Fidgets come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to calm, focus, and regulate.  My son has been someone who has fidgeted since he was little.  He was home schooled and simply could not concentrate well unless he had something in his hands, like a pencil, pen, or anything that he could play with.  You’d think it would be a distraction and keep him from focusing on the subject being taught.  Just the opposite!  He learned so much better when he was fidgeting. Fidget for the classroom?  Yes, please!

Research has discovered that there are many people who function so much better when they have a Fidget in their possession.  And, as I said, Fidgets come in all shapes and sizes to fit any person and their particular needs.  The Fidget Spinners are ones most popular with a lot of people.  I keep trying to get my hands on one from my local 7 Eleven who carried them, but as soon as they get a new shipment in, they’re sold out again.  It’s crazy cool!

Finally, kids are discovering and enjoying something that doesn’t harm them and isn’t something completely worthless, but actually helps them!  The best part is, they may not even realize it.  To them, a Fidget may be just a toy.  More and more parents, teachers, and theapists are realizing that they are so much more.  These little gadgets are not only helping people learn better, but helping with disabilities of all kinds.

Fidgets are the ultimate toy for nerds, too!  That, my friends, is totally freaking awesome!

Let me point you in the right directions if you’re looking to pick up a Fidget or two for yourself, friends, classroom, or family members:

I’ll have more places to get all sorts of Fidgets at good prices in the near future, although these first two are the best and exactly why I put them up first.  Stay tuned!