Hola, gang!

This time around I’m reviewing the Crisp Chicken Burrito from Taco Time.

Sorry about the lapse in getting reviews out to you here. ¬†I have no excuse, so there we are. ūüėČ ¬†Please hit the channel and check out what else is there.

When I realized that I had yet to review anything from Taco Time, I was gob-smacked. ¬†How could a fast food place with over 300 locations, which opened it’s doors in 1960, have slipped my mind? ¬†So, I hurried over to show you what Taco Time was all about by grabbing one of my old standby favorites, a crisp burrito. ¬†Now, we would call them more of a taquito, but Taco Time has always called them crisp burritos. ¬†As long as it’s yummy, I could really care less what someone calls¬†something. ¬†The beef one is my favorite. ¬†Pretty simple product, but really good. ¬†I wanted to start off my reviews there with something a little different, so I grabbed a Crisp Chicken Burrito. ¬†Here’s the video:


If you’re not sure about whether there is a Taco Time in your area, hit the web site and check by typing your state, zip, or whatever into their location finder. ¬†Then, head back¬†to the video here and tell me what you had and what you thought about it.

Have a freaking awesome day, gang, and I’ll see you again real soon.



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