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REVIEW: Time To Open Carnivore Club

Hola, gang!

I recently got my hands on another Carnivore Club subscription box, full of everything a meat eater loves.  Every month, they feature a different Artisan and bring the customer the best dried, cured, and smoked meats they offer.  It’s definitely one of my favorite subscription boxes.

This month, Carnivore Club is bringing New England Charcuterie my way, with all sorts of beef and pork salamis.  Check it out below:


If you’re interested in looking into Carnivore Club for yourself, you can do it right here.

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Koffee Box Subscription Service Unboxing And Live Chat

Hola, gang!

Happy Friday to everyone!  I hope it will be a terrific weekend ahead for all of you.  Today, I’m un-boxing Koffee Box, a new coffee subscription box service, delivering unique k-cup coffee to your door each month.

Koffee Box Unboxing

While the product is good, I had some suggestions for the company and how they can make things even better. Here’s the video:


Next, I took the time for a live chat on Facebook Live where we did some chatting about my recent movie shoot, social eating from Taco Bell, and coffee talk.  Three elements that work wonderfully together!  If you missed it, you can watch the replay on the Old Nerd Reviews Facebook Page.

There you go, gang!  Thanks for your support and tuning into the YouTube channel.  I’ll see you with another review on Sunday!



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PB&JEALOUS Unboxing And Review!

Merry Christmas, gang!

I’m on an Old Nerd Reviews Christmas schedule right now.  There was no video on Friday and will be none on Sunday, but here is one for today!  I’m taking a look at the PB&Jealous subscription box for December.  This thing promises high quality and unique jams, jellies, syrups, honeys, nut butters, and more for those who loves that kind of thing.  Count me in!

Here’s the video for you:


Thanks so much for all your love and support this year and have an amazing Christmas!  See you again on Tuesday!