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Gas Station Food, Free TV, And Kinetic Sand Fun!

EW! I love coffee, but when it’s cold… Wait a sec while I run to the microwave.

Okay. I’m back 😉


The weather here has me in an incredible mood! It’s like we skipped April and God blessed us with summertime already. I’ts supposed to hit 80 on Monday!!

If you’re following Old Nerd Reviews on Twitter and/or Facebook (why not follow both?), you know that I just received 2 lbs of kinetic sand in the mail. I’ve always wanted some of this stuff and I finally broke down and got myself some. Not only is it fun to play with, it’s a real stress reliever. Here’s my video of my first experience with it, shot with my new Pivothead camera glasses:

I’m thinking that I’ll be heading to some trucking stations as an extension to my Eating The Deli Stores series. This series will add a whole new addition to the regular food reviews I do. I have some groovy product reviews coming up in the very near future that I think you’re going to like.

I don’t have cable or satellite TV. I gave it up a long time ago because it was just getting much too expensive for what it offered. Most stations were filler that I never watched and paying $60 and up for that just wasn’t worth it for me. Plus, I have a lot more time to do other things when I don’t have the boob tube always on.

That said, there is one television station that I desperately want called ME-TV. It broadcasts nothing but older shows that I grew up on. So, instead of going back to expensive cable, I’m getting a local television antennae that sits in my window and picks up all the HD channels in my area. After some research this is the one that I am getting. It is thin, has a 50 mile range, and includes a pre-amp for even better reception. ME-TV broadcasts only 14 miles away, so I’ll be more than good! 😉

I hope you all have a FREAKING AWESOME weekend and I’ll see you on the channel and talk with you again next week!




New Guacamole Sandwiches, Eating The Deli Stores, and Easter


I hope everyone is having a good Easter.  Went to church this morning, headed over to the local park for some fun (I’ll be shooting a lot of footage there with my new video camera glasses; videos to come!), and am now relaxing with a nice McCafe coffee.  And then a scathingly brilliant idea (anyone seenThe Trouble With Angels?” Great old favorite movie with Haley Mills):  I should talk with you guys!! 😀

So, here I sit, typing away and listening to some ambient sounds to soothe my savage breast.  I found a web site that you can mix various ambient sounds such as a fire, waves, wind, thunder, white noise, and more to create a really pleasant atmosphere to work in.  You can find the site, “A Soft Murmur” HERE.  They also offer apps for your phone or tablet.  Makes for a nice sleep!

I’ll be indulging in some Trove in a bit.  How many of my nerdy friends out there play video games?  Which ones do you like and do you prefer consoles or PC’s?  LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENTS. I’m an old-school PC guy, as if you probably didn’t figure that out already.

Did you catch the first episode of the new series, “Eating The Deli Stores?”  I’m really pumped about this one, because it adds so many more opportunities to do reviews!  I’ll be heading from gas station to gas station, seeing what they have to offer to eat in their delis.  This first one started the whole ball rolling well!!

Anywho, if you missed it, click the image below:

fish and chips gas station

Did you hear that there is a new offering at McDonalds?  They are called Guacamole Sandwiches and they have them both with beef patties or a crispy chicken.  They are premium sandwiches, so they should be pretty good.  I’ll be doing one or both of these for you this next week.

I hope you all have a great remainder of the weekend and I’ll be releasing a new review on Monday, as usual.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter where I keep you updated on new happenings in the Fast Food industry and other fun things.





New Camera Glasses and Shaquille O’Neal Soda Disaster!


This last week was fairly eventful:

I received my new pair of Pivothead Kudu Camera Glasses and had a short bit of time to play with them. So far, so good! I’m impressed with the quality they are producing over the iVUE glasses. I’ll have some immersion-type of food reviews coming up for you.

My last review was the Shaquille O’Neal-inspired Soda Shaq Vanilla Cream Soda. I had a few not-so-kind words to say about it. I’ve put the video below if you want to check it out:

I reviewed a couple new menu items from Taco Bell that I think you’ll enjoy.

Finally, with my camera glasses in hand, I’m planning to begin shooting a brand new video series, taking a cue from the Eating The Dollar Stores series that so many of you like so much. I think you’ll like this, too, so stay tuned.

That’s all for today; short and sweet!

Have a FREAKING AWESOME DAY and I’ll see you on the Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel. 😉