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REVIEW: McDonald’s Grand Mac: Something New Or Just A Bigger Big Mac?

Here it is, gang!

You’ve been asking me to review the new, limited time Grand Mac from McDonald’s and I’m not going to let you down.

McDonalds Grand Mac

Going into this, I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot.  From their web site, it simply sounded like a larger version of a food product that they have had for decades, the Big Mac.  So?  If Captain Crunch is offered in a new 18 oz size alongside the regular 12 oz box, does that really make it anything new?  I have a hard time swallowing that line of reasoning.  Anyway, here is the review for you and be sure to comment and let me know what your thought:


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Thanks for tuning in and please share this video around.  That would help a ton! 😉


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REVIEW: McDonald’s Chicken McGriddle

Hola, gang!

I’m pretty exited about being able to review the NEW McDonald’s Chicken McGriddle.

McDonald's Chicken McGriddle

As you know, I live in Washington state and the Chicken McGriddle is (or was) being test marketed only in Ohio and Florida.  How it got out here, I don’t know.  I did some research and couldn’t find anything about it moving outside from those two states, so it’s a tad confusing.

There are a few of my foodie friends who have tried this from the McDonald’s Secret Menu, but that was simply them asking that the cooks place a McChicken patty inside the McGriddle cakes.  It was not the official one being rolled out.  This official Chicken McGriddle is different.  The patty does not appear or taste the same as the McChicken.

Regardless of what is going on, I was thrilled that I was having the chance to review it for you all.  I love McGriddles!  I tend to grab the less expensive Sausage McGriddle, but they have a few other really tasty ones.  I need to get around to trying the steak one.  I’m also a fan of their McChicken sandwich.  So, without further ado, here is the food review for today:


As I did, if you’re interested in trying the new McDonald’s Chicken McGriddle, simply ask the cashier whether they have it.  You obviously never know!

Thanks so much for tuning into the channel, all of your shares and comments, and I’ll see if you in a couple days!



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New Guacamole Sandwiches, Eating The Deli Stores, and Easter


I hope everyone is having a good Easter.  Went to church this morning, headed over to the local park for some fun (I’ll be shooting a lot of footage there with my new video camera glasses; videos to come!), and am now relaxing with a nice McCafe coffee.  And then a scathingly brilliant idea (anyone seenThe Trouble With Angels?” Great old favorite movie with Haley Mills):  I should talk with you guys!! 😀

So, here I sit, typing away and listening to some ambient sounds to soothe my savage breast.  I found a web site that you can mix various ambient sounds such as a fire, waves, wind, thunder, white noise, and more to create a really pleasant atmosphere to work in.  You can find the site, “A Soft Murmur” HERE.  They also offer apps for your phone or tablet.  Makes for a nice sleep!

I’ll be indulging in some Trove in a bit.  How many of my nerdy friends out there play video games?  Which ones do you like and do you prefer consoles or PC’s?  LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENTS. I’m an old-school PC guy, as if you probably didn’t figure that out already.

Did you catch the first episode of the new series, “Eating The Deli Stores?”  I’m really pumped about this one, because it adds so many more opportunities to do reviews!  I’ll be heading from gas station to gas station, seeing what they have to offer to eat in their delis.  This first one started the whole ball rolling well!!

Anywho, if you missed it, click the image below:

fish and chips gas station

Did you hear that there is a new offering at McDonalds?  They are called Guacamole Sandwiches and they have them both with beef patties or a crispy chicken.  They are premium sandwiches, so they should be pretty good.  I’ll be doing one or both of these for you this next week.

I hope you all have a great remainder of the weekend and I’ll be releasing a new review on Monday, as usual.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter where I keep you updated on new happenings in the Fast Food industry and other fun things.





The McDonald’s McGangBang Fail?


By request, I headed off to McDonald’s to try one of their most famous secret menu items, the McGangBang.

All reviewers I found had to order the items separately and then put the sandwich together themselves.  I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted to see if the employees would know what it was and put it together for me.

They did…..sort of!!  Watch today’s review of the McDonald’s McGangBang and you tell me if you would consider this a FAIL or not:


I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas time and I’m so glad that you choose to make yourselves a part of mine, not to mention all year long.

2015 is going to be a FREAKING AWESOME year for us all!!!