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Cooking is a pain for me.  I really don’t enjoy it.  I do enjoy eating though.  I found out about a subscription service called RawSpiceBar that will send monthly flavor packets that contain pre-portioned spice mixes all prepped and ready to go for 3 meals from all over the world, that they say will feed from 3-4 people each, and the recipes that go with them.  That makes things a whole lot easier!

The one I got was a special holidays packet with festive recipes and spices in it.  If you despise the idea of cooking like I do, check out the video and you may consider checking RawSpiceBar out for yourself.  See what you think.


There you go, gang!  Take care of yourselves and I’ll gab at you soon. 😉




Dust Killing My Computer!! An Electric Dust Blower Review

Computers and dust are bitter enemies.  Dust and grime can get into a computer over time and put a strangle hold on your components, causing your system to slow down considerably and may even kill it completely if not taken care of. The computer simply cannot breathe.

All good nerds have at least one or more computers in their home and probably one or more at work. They may be used to play games, surf the Internet, or conduct business on. Being a person who works from home, my computer is essential to my survival. It’s something that I cannot do without. If it has problems, I’m up a creek. I don’t have the money to dole out for to get my system fixed all the time, so I do my best to take care of it.

Computers will attract dust like a magnet and then it clogs your fans and heat-sinks, video card, and coats the wiring. It’s a dust bunny jamboree! Ew.

Most people will buy cans of compressed air at $5 a pop and, if they’re aware of the trouble dust can cause their computer, will blow it out real nice once of month or more. It’s depends a lot on where they live and their computer’s location as to how much trouble they have with dust. Regardless of the circumstances, they will deal with it. Dust clogging your computer is something you cannot avoid, but can do something about.

Using the cans of air to clean up my systems is not a huge trouble (although, time consuming), but the expense involved is the real kicker for me. I absolutely hate having to buy new cans over and over again.

So, let’s say that you go through a can of air every month. Maybe more if you have multiple computers. That’s approximately $60 a year with tax on top of that. You’re more than likely always going to have a computer, new, used, old, whatever. And the dust is a destroyer of all. It’s one purpose is to clog your systems up.

My son is a chip off the old block. He’s a big nerd too and is always keeping an eye out for me and my wife (she has a laptop and a desktop). He’s also a big-time online gamer. World of Warcraft, Trove, League of Legends; stuff like that. His wife and their friend who lives with them each have their own computers. In total, including laptops, I think they have 5 computers. It’s a dust bunny’s dream!!

Anyway, he recently bought something called the Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 0.75-HP Electric Duster and then stopped by to tell me about it.


I watched a video he showed me and this thing will blow the inside of a computer totally clean! Plug it in, open up your computer, and go to town with it! It blew me away! Pun intended. 😉

Here are the stats:

  • Sturdy all-steel construction
  • Includes air pin-pointer, air concentrator nozzle, air -flare nozzle, micro-cleaning tool kit
  • More effective than canned air and safer than canned air
  • 500 watt motor, .75 HP, 4.5 amps, 70 CFM air flow

It has a number of attachments that come with it that helps you get into the cracks and crevices of your keyboard, monitor, and other hard-to-get-to places.

This thing is not a vacuum despite the name. It’s blows, which in my opinion, is much better. There isn’t a chance of sucking up any strangling wires or anything that you don’t want to see go missing all of a sudden.  It’s powerful, for sure.

Getting this Metro Vacuum was a no-brainer!  The pain and expense of cans of compressed air were behind me!!  It’s like a life hack!

This electric duster is absolutely awesome and I knew that my fellow nerds could relate to my dust-related pain and excitement at the discovery I made.  I’m sure you could use it for anything else that needs a good cleaning, but my computer is the thing it brings joy to the most.

You can get more information about the Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 0.75-HP Electric Duster and read all the stellar reviews right here.  This is a highly recommended purchase from me to you.

I would give this a BEST EVER on the Nerd-O-Meter.  I’ll be putting a video up on the Old Nerd Reviews channel pretty soon so you can see it in action.

If you have one, let me know what you think in the comments below. Share the joy!! 😉