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The YouTube Food Reviewers That I Watch

Hi gang!

I’ve noticed a question coming up a lot on the live chats I have on Saturday evenings.  “Who are are your favorite food reviewers?  What YouTube foodies do you watch most?”

Not everyone is going to be on the same chat (I hope that changes eventually and I’ll have the whole YouTube world watching! haha), so rather than answering the question over and over and over again, I decided that it was past time to make a video about it and put the question to rest, once and for all.  At least to date.

Here is that video:

Now you know!  Thanks for tuning into the channel and if you haven’t subscribed already, I’d love to have you on a regular basis.  Also, make sure to tune into the Saturday chats, live on YouTube at 5 pm, Pacific.  We have a great time!

Take care and I’ll talk to you again real soon!



BK’s Black Buns Turns Poop Green!

Yes, I am broaching another subject that is less than appetizing. So, if you’re eating and easily sickened, you may want to stop. We’re all grown ups here. Right?

If you recall, when I reviewed the Burger King Red Velvet Oreo Shake a couple weeks back, I reported back that I had experienced a bowel movement that was bright red. It really freaked me out until I did some Googling to discover that I was not alone. The dye in Burger King’s shake colored other people’s poops a tint of red.

Here’ that review, if you missed it:


Well, on Friday’s review (10/2/2015), you’ll see the review of the Burger King Halloween Whopper, which has a black bun.

This morning, I exited the bathroom after finding that my poop was green!

bk halloween whopper

Once again, the Internet is my friend. I’ve found that other people are having the same experience. Relieved again, so to speak. 😉

This is simply my public service announcement to the Crony Community to set your mind at ease. If you eat or drink either of these items and end up with a kalidascope of poop, this is what is happening and, as far as I know, there is nothing to worry about.

If you have friends that are fans of Burger King, you may want to share this post and save them from cardiac arrest, wondering what the heck is wrong with them.