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Ketogenic Cooking Recipes With Bryce L Tomlinson Of BroBryceHealth

Hi, gang!

I got hold of my best friend, Bryce L Tomlinson of the BroBryceHealth YouTube channel and we did a hour-long LIVE stream of cooking and chat about the Ketogenic diet.  Over the past few years, Bryce has lost a lot of weight thanks to the Keto diet.  The great part about it all is that he still gets to enjoy eating really yummy things, but lose and keep his weight off in a healthy way.  There is so much misinformation in the medical community, the bottom line being that it’s all about the Benjamins.  If there isn’t sick people around, there isn’t any money to be made.  That the short and the long of it.  I could get on my soap box and go on about this, but I’m going to let you enjoy the video and let Bryce talk about it and make some tasty deviled eggs, sandwiches, and Bullet Proof Coffee.  Enjoy!


If you know anyone who struggles with their weight, suffers from diabetes, etc, this would be a great video to share with them, as well as information from Bryce.  For all the recipes and to ask Bryce anything you’d like to now about the Keto diet and eating right, hit him up on the BroBryceHealth YouTube channel and over at his BroBryceHealth Facebook group.

Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.  Everyone have a very merry Christmas!!




Cooking is a pain for me.  I really don’t enjoy it.  I do enjoy eating though.  I found out about a subscription service called RawSpiceBar that will send monthly flavor packets that contain pre-portioned spice mixes all prepped and ready to go for 3 meals from all over the world, that they say will feed from 3-4 people each, and the recipes that go with them.  That makes things a whole lot easier!

The one I got was a special holidays packet with festive recipes and spices in it.  If you despise the idea of cooking like I do, check out the video and you may consider checking RawSpiceBar out for yourself.  See what you think.


There you go, gang!  Take care of yourselves and I’ll gab at you soon. 😉