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1966 Batman And Robin Collectible Figurines! HOLY GOTTA HAVE THEM!

I just spotted these 1966 Batman and Robin collectible figurines from the Bradford Exchange today.  I gotta have these things!!  They are so groovy!

1966 Batman and Robin

I’ve loved the 1966 Batman television series since I was a kid.  As campy as it was, I learned many good life lessons from it.  Honesty and right and wrong were two of the biggies.  Presently, I the have Funko Batman Pop Vinyl and Robin Pop Vinyl and the entire Batman TV series on DVD.  I have the movie, too.  You can never have too much Batman!  I simply think there is no one better to be the Dynamic Duo than Adam West and Burt Ward.

I’ve always loved the quality of products coming out of the Bradford Exchange.  They have always put out really beautifully detailed things and these 1966 Batman and Robin figurines are no exception.  Molded and painted to flawless perfection, these come as close to the real things as anyone could get.

Now, all I need is the 1966 Batmobile to put into my garage and I can die happy! 😀




Showing Doctor Who Some Love

I was a noob to Doctor Who and his exploits until recently.  Although the phenomenon began decades ago, I was never exposed to The Doctor until a couple years back.  Strange for a nerd, right?

I cut my teeth on the 9th Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston) and his then sidekick, Rose Tyler.  This was the first series of the show’s revival in 2005.  I instantly fell in love with Doctor Who.  The episodes were exciting, fun, humorous, sometimes emotional, and pretty much self-contained.  A new adventure every episode!

10 doctor who doctor and rose tyler

Fun story for you.   As a Background Actor/Extra, I’ve gotten to work in productions shot here in Portland, such as GRIMM, Leverage, The Librarians, and Portlandia, for almost a decade so far.  Every once in a while, I also have to opportunity to do a movie shoot.  In early January of this year, a film called Bad Samaritan was being shot at a prison here in Portland.  One of the stars happened to be David Tennent, who portrayed the 10th Doctor in the Doctor Who series.  It was a two day shoot where I played a detective.  Just a fun time that I thought I’d share.

David Tennant - Doctor Who

The latest Doctor (Peter Capaldi) hasn’t captured me as much as the 9th and 10th Doctors did.  Not sure exactly why.  Regardless, I’ve been grabbing some Doctor Who goodies here and there to decorate up my apartment and use for my set on my Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel.  I particularly enjoy my Tardis and 9th Doctor Funko Pops.  I still need to grab a 10th Doctor Pop.  I LOVE these Funko Pop Vinyl things!

I’d like to know who your favorite Doctor is and why.  Also, feel free to share any Doctor Who memories special to you.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings and I’ll see you at Old Nerd Reviews. 😉






REVIEW: HDTV Television Antennas

I discovered the joy of a HDTV digital antenna a while back and I was thrilled with the prospects of not paying expensive cable or satellite bills for TV anymore.

hdtv digital indoor antennaI haven’t had cable or satellite television for many years now. It’s way too expensive. Essentially, you pay $80 – $100+ per month for 200+ channels of which you watch a dozen on a regular basis and the rest are throwaway channels that you could care less about. It’s stupid! That is exactly the reason I ditched the rip-off providers!

Also, I really didn’t miss it (I discovered a whole world away from the boob tube!) until I heard about MeTV and AntennaTV. These are two channels that only play shows from my era. Shows that delighted me as a child and a teen without all the crap they try to pass off as good TV now. I had to find a way to get both those channels without suffering a major out-of-pocket expense for two stations!

If you’re an old nerd like me, you fondly remember the good old day of free television. Sure, you only had a selection of six channels or so (remember the fuzzy UHF stations?), but it was free. FREE!!

With a HDTV indoor antenna you can once again enjoy free television without any installation on top of your roof for only the price of the purchase. You only need to live within a certain mile radius of your local television towers and have a fairly clear shot at them. As long as you have that, you’re in business!

I reviewed a couple HDTV antennas on my Old Nerd Reviews channel and got some very different results.

The first one I tried was the ClearTV HDTV Antenna. As you’ll see in the video review, I was pretty enthused!

Now, once I curbed my enthusiasm over the discovery of this new black magic, I created a follow-up review:

Since this was my first experience with one of these, I thought it only fair to compare it with another brand. So, I dialed up Amazon and bought one of their HDTV digital antennas to see what it was like. I purposely purchased one that had a farther reach than the ClearTV antenna and even boasted a built-in amplifier, which sounded like a positive thing to have. Here is the one I got: an AmazonBasics Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna.

Here is that review:

All in all, I found what I was searching for: MeTV and AntennaTV, free of a monthly charge, all with a very nicely priced HDTV digital indoor antenna.

To get yourself some of these free goodness, first you need to check how far away the television towers in your area are.

From that point on, enjoy your free TV and kick your cable or satellite provider to the curb!




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Gas Station Food, Free TV, And Kinetic Sand Fun!

EW! I love coffee, but when it’s cold… Wait a sec while I run to the microwave.

Okay. I’m back 😉


The weather here has me in an incredible mood! It’s like we skipped April and God blessed us with summertime already. I’ts supposed to hit 80 on Monday!!

If you’re following Old Nerd Reviews on Twitter and/or Facebook (why not follow both?), you know that I just received 2 lbs of kinetic sand in the mail. I’ve always wanted some of this stuff and I finally broke down and got myself some. Not only is it fun to play with, it’s a real stress reliever. Here’s my video of my first experience with it, shot with my new Pivothead camera glasses:

I’m thinking that I’ll be heading to some trucking stations as an extension to my Eating The Deli Stores series. This series will add a whole new addition to the regular food reviews I do. I have some groovy product reviews coming up in the very near future that I think you’re going to like.

I don’t have cable or satellite TV. I gave it up a long time ago because it was just getting much too expensive for what it offered. Most stations were filler that I never watched and paying $60 and up for that just wasn’t worth it for me. Plus, I have a lot more time to do other things when I don’t have the boob tube always on.

That said, there is one television station that I desperately want called ME-TV. It broadcasts nothing but older shows that I grew up on. So, instead of going back to expensive cable, I’m getting a local television antennae that sits in my window and picks up all the HD channels in my area. After some research this is the one that I am getting. It is thin, has a 50 mile range, and includes a pre-amp for even better reception. ME-TV broadcasts only 14 miles away, so I’ll be more than good! 😉

I hope you all have a FREAKING AWESOME weekend and I’ll see you on the channel and talk with you again next week!




Mega Coffee And Doughnuts!


I’m lounging around on a lazy Sunday and trying my darnedest not to do anything work-related.  It’s really difficult!  I am so used to being in production-mode, it takes effort to actually relax and take a day to rest.  I know it’s important, but it’s hard.  I’ve already been doing some social media work and edited together another review video for this coming week.

I may look into a work-a-holic therapy group!  Haha!!  Seriously though, it’s all a result of having so much fun doing what I do for a living, the line between work and fun get very blurry.

Needless to say, I have the coffee maker working overtime!!  BTW, how much coffee do you consume a day?  Leave a comment!


Also, I wanted to point out one of my recent videos that you may not have seen yet.  I went to Krispy Kreme and reviewed their new, limited-time Java Chip Doughnut.  I used my iVUE Horizon 1080p Camera Glasses to give you all a totally being-there type of feel.  In my haste to get it released to you, I neglected to tell YouTube to shoot it out to all the channel subscribers via email.  Duh!

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Have any of you ever heard of or are using Swagbucks?  I discovered it about a year ago and found it’s a great way to make gift card money.  I can even turn it into PayPal for real cash.  I use it daily and have bought quite a lot off Amazon as a result, including my camera glasses and, just today, I bought the entire “Six Million Dollar Man” TV series on DVD.  I love classic television from when I was a kid!  If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, here’s a link to get started.  Totally free, too!

Finally, I’m planning to review the new Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Dish pizza from Little Caesars this week.  Quite a few of you have been asking for it, so I’m up to the task. 😉

OK.  I think that about covers it.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and a FREAKING AWESOME DAY!!





Bewitched: The Complete Series! HOLY CRAP!!


Since I’m a huge Nerd, I absolutely adore good, classic TV shows from my youth.  Watching them takes me back to the good old days of when television was fun, original, and you didn’t worry about plopping your kids in front of the set.

I just discovered that one of my favorite shows, BEWITCHED, is being offered on Amazon for an amazing price!  I can (and will!) get the COMPLETE SERIES (8 seasons!) for only $28.99!!  That’s a tad over $3.50 per season!!  NUTS!!


I had to write this post and let you know about it as soon as I found out.  I’ve seen prices on Amazon change overnight and I certainly don’t plan on missing out on this.

If you’re interested, HERE IS THE LINK.

QUESTION: What are your favorite classic television shows from when you were young?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

Take to you again real soon.  HAVE A FREAKING AWESOME DAY!!!