Hola, gang!

Today, I wanted to dig into the new-ish candy bar from Milka, the OREO Big Crunch Bar.

milka oreo big crunch bar

I love just about anything OREO.  The one exception so far was the nasty Swedish Fish cookies.  GAH!  When you’ve gone to the deep, dark depths of something like that, you figure that everything else is looking up.  All sunshine and unicorn farts.  Know what I mean?  When I heard about the new OREO candy bar that Milka was releasing, I was anxious to try it.  Milka has a reputation for putting out some really smooth and creamy chocolate. Ghirardelli chocolate is my all-time favorite, but that’s another story.  The addition of OREO in it was going to be icing on the cake.  So, I gave it a shot:


I hope this food review helped you make a more educated decision.  That’s one of my main objectives, although reviews are subjective most of the time.  You guys take care and I’ll talk with you again real soon.



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