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REVIEW: 7 Eleven AM Sunrise Breakfast Pizza

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Today, I’m reviewing the new 7 Eleven AM Sunrise Breakfast Pizza.  You know how much I love breakfast foods.  It’s the best meal of the day and is something I can eat for any meal.

When the AM Sunrise Pizza rolled into my local 7 Eleven, I knew immediately that this was a must-do review.  I originally thought it was going to be like a french bread type thing in their deli section, but it turned out to be an actual pizza for breakfast.  You can either grab is by the slice or as an entire pie for a mere $5.99.  It boasts Mozzarella and cheddar cheese, turkey sausage, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, white gravy as a pizza sauce, all on top of a biscuit-like crust.  Everybody is making a morning appearance!  Grab a cup of blueberry coffee and you’re all set.  So, here is the review of the AM Sunrise Pizza from 7 Eleven.  Enjoy!


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I braved the cold and snowy 31 degree weather here in the great Pacific NW to get to Burger King and try their .89 cent pancakes.  These are the same pancakes offered on their breakfast platter.  It seems like a really good price for a stack of pancakes.  Are they even worth that much?  Let’s give them a shot!


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TODAY’S REVIEW: Jack In The Box Croissant Donuts


My favorite thing to review for you guys and gals is breakfast.  Actually, breakfast foods are my favorite things to eat, too; anytime of the day or night, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I don’t know if you’d  consider Jack In The Box Croissant Donuts breakfast or not, but since I tend to eat donuts around morning hours, I’m deeming them breakfast.  Thanks to you all, I get the chance to do this on YouTube and try new and different things, all while having a ton of fun.  Not a lot of people can say that!!

So, I sneaked down to my local Jack In The Box and ordered some of their new Croissant Donuts, with you all in mind.  “Trying things so you don’t have to!!”

Have you tried their Croissant Donuts?  Also, what is your favorite breakfast food?  Leave all that good stuff down in the comments.

Have an awesome Saturday and we’ll speak again real soon!!



Carl’s Jr Monster Biscuit REVIEW – By Request!

Whenever I get a request to review something at Carl’s Jr, I jump at the chance.  They are simply one of my favorite fast food chain restaurants!

I remember the first time I ate there.  Back then, it was actually Hardees and I will living in Sundance, WY (the actual Hardees are in South Dakota).  I have never even heard of them before, but was up for something new.

I was in the mood for a burger and, being in the central states, the meat of choice was buffalo.  I flipped!!  It was some of the leanest and best-tasting meats I had ever had.  I love it to this day and make sure to grab a couple pounds when the local supermarkets have it.

I digress. 😉

So, this time around, I was asked to try the Carl’s Jr Monster Biscuit.  I’ve had this item off their breakfast menu before, so I knew what to expect.  But, you guys have the ability to call the shots and, if I can swing it, I’ll take any requests you have for me.

Without further ado, let’s go to the video!!

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Jack In The Box Waffle Breakfast Sandwich REVIEW


Thanks to one of my many wonderful fans in the Old Nerd Crony Community, I went out to the local Jack In The Box for some breakfast.

Jack In The Box is definitely on my top 10 fast food places to visit list because of the fact that their food is pretty much made-to-order, guaranteeing something hot and fresh and that they serve breakfast ALL THE TIME! AWESOME!!!!

So, I zipped by and, by request, tried the WAFFLE BREAKFAST SANDWICH off their breakfast menu (where else would it be??).

Was it good? Mediocre? Did I run away screaming? Well, WATCH THE GOSH DERN VIDEO AND FIND OUT!!!! 😀

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