Hi, gang!

It’s an Old Nerd double-header today!  Well, it actually started late last night, but we’ll pretend.

I wanted to go live to try out my XSplit Broadcaster software with YouTube Live.  I went live at around 11:30 am, not really anticipating anyone being around.  It was mainly for the test, which ended up turning out pretty well.  I just need to make a couple tweaks to the chat interface from the default settings.  To my surprise, about 20+ people jumped in and the questions started flying.  I tried to keep up as best I could, but they were coming a mile a minute.  I ended up gabbing with my night owl guests for an hour and a half.  We had a good time.  I know I did.  Here’s the video:


I got another surprise box from A&W Restaurants.  This one was to celebrate their #30DaysOfGiveaways and they sent along some groovy winter wear.  I LOVED IT!!  Just in time, too!  We had our first snow of the season here yesterday and it’s staying cold as heck.  Somewhere around the 30’s!  Anywho, here’s that fun video for you:



There you go, gang!!  Talk to you all again soon!