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Showing Doctor Who Some Love

I was a noob to Doctor Who and his exploits until recently.  Although the phenomenon began decades ago, I was never exposed to The Doctor until a couple years back.  Strange for a nerd, right?

I cut my teeth on the 9th Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston) and his then sidekick, Rose Tyler.  This was the first series of the show’s revival in 2005.  I instantly fell in love with Doctor Who.  The episodes were exciting, fun, humorous, sometimes emotional, and pretty much self-contained.  A new adventure every episode!

10 doctor who doctor and rose tyler

Fun story for you.   As a Background Actor/Extra, I’ve gotten to work in productions shot here in Portland, such as GRIMM, Leverage, The Librarians, and Portlandia, for almost a decade so far.  Every once in a while, I also have to opportunity to do a movie shoot.  In early January of this year, a film called Bad Samaritan was being shot at a prison here in Portland.  One of the stars happened to be David Tennent, who portrayed the 10th Doctor in the Doctor Who series.  It was a two day shoot where I played a detective.  Just a fun time that I thought I’d share.

David Tennant - Doctor Who

The latest Doctor (Peter Capaldi) hasn’t captured me as much as the 9th and 10th Doctors did.  Not sure exactly why.  Regardless, I’ve been grabbing some Doctor Who goodies here and there to decorate up my apartment and use for my set on my Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel.  I particularly enjoy my Tardis and 9th Doctor Funko Pops.  I still need to grab a 10th Doctor Pop.  I LOVE these Funko Pop Vinyl things!

I’d like to know who your favorite Doctor is and why.  Also, feel free to share any Doctor Who memories special to you.  Thanks for listening to my ramblings and I’ll see you at Old Nerd Reviews. 😉






MY FINAL GRIMM SHOOT! | 12/16/2016

Last night was my final shoot on the television show GRIMM.  Hard to believe that I’ve been doing background acting for the show since the first season!  I played various parts during the run: a party goer, bar patron, doctor, detective, Portland police officer, CSU (Crime Scene Unit), medical examiner, and zombie, many of them multiple times.  It’s been a fun ride!  The GRIMM crew have truly been amazing.  They always took really good care of all of us background actors, to the very end.

Here are a couple pictures from last night’s dinner before the crew went off for their Christmas break.  When they return in January, they’ll be shooting the final episode of the entire series.  I’ll have to wait and see whether I get the call to be in it.  I had the Filet Mingon, lobster tail with drawn butter, Fettuccine Alfredo, and scalloped potatoes, and finally a slice of cheese cake for dessert.

Final meal on GRIMM set

Full menu - Final GRIMM shoot


I’ll post some pictures from my previous shoots, if you’re interested.  Goodnight sweet GRIMM.  It’s been a great ride!