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*NEW* 7 Eleven Pepsi Fire Slurpee REVIEW ūüĒ•

Another day, another review!! ¬†Today, I’m reviewing the *NEW* 7 Eleven Pepsi Fire Slurpee.

I always look forward to new Slurpee flavors and 7 Eleven never seems to be lacking.  This time around, it is a Slurpee with Pepsi and some heat.  Sounded weird, but looked good on the advertisement, so who am I not to try it?

After my review, my son ran over to give it a try. ¬†He had really good things to say about it, actually claiming it was now one of his top favorite 7 Eleven Slurpees. ¬†That’s saying a lot!

Anywho, take care of yourselves and I’ll see you on the next review.




REVIEW: 7 Eleven Black Cherry Pepsi Slurpee

Hola, gang!

I was planning on doing an “official” review of the new Black Cherry Pepsi Slurpee introduced by 7¬†Eleven, but then things got in the way. ¬†The snow and cold changed things, as did the pipe breaking in the apartment above us and causing the rain shower in our closet. ¬†It all became a major disruption for a while.

7eleven black cherry pepsi slurpee

When I went into the store, I got the Black Cherry Pepsi Slurpee under the impression that a review was not going to happen any time soon.  Then, I took a sip.  I told the cashier, Justin, that I sure wished I had brought my camera and caught my initial reaction.  I then knew that a review had to happen, regardless of where we were in things.  So, I shot a single take without lights, background props, or effects. Here is the review of the 7 Eleven Black Cherry Pepsi Slurpee with real sugar:


There you go, Crony Community. ¬†Have a freaking awesome day and I’ll see you on Friday!




REVIEW: 7 Eleven AM Sunrise Breakfast Pizza

Hola, gang!

Today, I’m reviewing the new 7 Eleven AM Sunrise Breakfast Pizza. ¬†You know how much I love breakfast foods. ¬†It’s the best meal of the day and is something I can eat for any meal.

When the AM Sunrise Pizza rolled into my local 7 Eleven, I knew immediately that this was a must-do review. ¬†I originally thought it was going to be like a french bread type thing in their deli section, but it turned out to be an actual pizza for breakfast. ¬†You can either grab is by the slice or as an entire pie for a mere $5.99. ¬†It boasts Mozzarella and cheddar cheese, turkey sausage, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, white gravy as a pizza sauce, all on top of a biscuit-like crust. ¬†Everybody is making a morning appearance! ¬†Grab a cup of blueberry coffee and you’re all set. ¬†So, here is the review of the AM Sunrise Pizza from 7 Eleven. ¬†Enjoy!


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7 Eleven Steak & Black Bean Chimichanga REVIEW

Welcome to the first review of 2017! ¬†Today, I’m taste testing the new 7 Eleven Steak & Black Bean Chimichanga.

For a while now, I’ve been rather impressed with the quality of product 7 Select has been producing. ¬†Not everything, but there have been a lot more hits than misses. ¬†Especially, the food items coming out of their deli. ¬†As I’ve told you before, I see a huge difference between the 7 Eleven corporate run stores and the the 7 Eleven franchisee owned stores. ¬†Corporate puts more work and has more pride in the running and quality of the stores than franchisee owners, overall. ¬†Not always the case, I’m sure, but it seems¬†that way in most cases.

So, enjoy today’s video and I’m see you on Tuesday. ¬†Remember, I put out videos every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday! ¬†Tell your friends. ūüėČ




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Why 7-Eleven Egg Rolls Are So Special


While I was over at 7-Eleven the other day to review Cinnabon Gooey Bites (review video is below), I was at the counter with a clerk getting some information on some of the new products they were carrying.  I like to get as much information as I can for my reviews so that I can share with you guys!

I spoke briefly with her about how much I enjoyed their Egg Rolls.

She leaned over and whispered, “do you know why our egg rolls are so good?”

“No,” I answered.

“Because they are the same egg rolls that are sold by Schwans! ¬†Minh are the same makers that sell to them!”


Take into account, that I only have her word on it and couldn’t substantiate this revelation¬†on Google when I got home, but it makes sense. ¬†Those ¬†doggone egg rolls are the cat’s pajamas!!

So, if true, now you know a sweet piece of trivia that you can share with your friends.

Enjoy the most recent review on Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel and I’ll throw in the egg roll video for free! ūüėČ haha


7-Eleven’s NEW Pork Egg Roll review!!

There you go, gang!!  What did you think of the Cinnabon Gooey Bites or the egg rolls from 7-Eleven?  Leave it in the comments!!

Talk with you soon!!!!



7 Eleven Pork Egg Roll REVIEW

It’s always a thrill for me when I find something brand new or limited time (or both!). ¬†It’s chance to bring you guys something fun!!

I live literally 1 minute away from 7 Eleven. ¬†I can actually see it from my front porch. ¬†So, when there is something new to try there, I’m on top of it. ¬†Such is the case with their brand new Pork Egg Roll!

My wife was heading out of town for the week and asked me to run over and grab her some mints.  With 7-11 so close, it was a no-brainer to make that my mint-pickup-place of choice.

Whenever I go to any store, I always take the time to look around and bit to see what new and exciting things to try I may find. ¬†This is one of the joys of this job!! ¬†I’m often like a kid in a candy store….especially when I’m in a candy store!!!

As soon as I walked in the door, I gravitated to their grill or rollers or whatever they call them.  They have hot dogs and burritos there, ready for consumption.  7 Eleven always seems to be licensing and experimenting with new things to munch on or drink.  The time before it was Gatorade Fierce Green Apple and then the Doritos Loaded Snacks, both of which they had exclusive licenses for; things to could not find anywhere else.  That makes for a review just waiting to happen!!

This time, something really interesting to me was there: Pork Egg Rolls!! ¬†My immediate thought was, “could 7-11 actually make a good egg roll?”

Here’s the review for you. ¬†I hope you enjoy it. ¬†Please feel free to leave comments and let me know, if you’ve tried the 7 Eleven Pork Egg Roll, what you thought about it.

Thanks for watching and I’ll talk with you next time!!! ūüėČ