About Old Nerd Reviews

Welcome to the official web site of Old Nerd Reviews!

My name is Tony and I’m a cranky, old nerd who loves fast food, video games, science fiction, and computers. Your typical nerd, I’d say (I do prefer the term, “GEEK,” please and thank you!).

In mid-2013, I decided to mash-up two of my favorite things: trying new and unique foods and being critical and opinionated about everything under the sun. The Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel was the outlet I chose for my passion.

As any good online marketer would do, I quickly followed up with a Facebook Page, Google + page, and Twitter account. Although, a REALLY good marketer would put his web site up first….but I digress. 😉

As I began shooting and putting food review videos up 3 times a week (Mon – Wed – Fri), my audience began to grow. It was hard to believe that people were actually enjoying my telling them which foods sucked and which didn’t!

I have been having a freaking awesome time working on this labor of love and I keep trying to shepherd more and more Crony Community members into my flock. I love each and every one of you!! 😀

I hope you’ll be one of my faithful followers, hanging on my every word….or just come here to the web site, over to the YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, and Google + page to laugh at me. It’s all good!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and please share me with your friends and family. They need someone to laugh at too!!





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