I just spotted these 1966 Batman and Robin collectible figurines from the Bradford Exchange today.  I gotta have these things!!  They are so groovy!

1966 Batman and Robin

I’ve loved the 1966 Batman television series since I was a kid.  As campy as it was, I learned many good life lessons from it.  Honesty and right and wrong were two of the biggies.  Presently, I the have Funko Batman Pop Vinyl and Robin Pop Vinyl and the entire Batman TV series on DVD.  I have the movie, too.  You can never have too much Batman!  I simply think there is no one better to be the Dynamic Duo than Adam West and Burt Ward.

I’ve always loved the quality of products coming out of the Bradford Exchange.  They have always put out really beautifully detailed things and these 1966 Batman and Robin figurines are no exception.  Molded and painted to flawless perfection, these come as close to the real things as anyone could get.

Now, all I need is the 1966 Batmobile to put into my garage and I can die happy! 😀