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REVIEW: Popeye’s Chicken Waffle Tenders

Hola, gang!

Today, I ventured out to Popeye’s to try their limited-time Chicken Waffle Tenders.

There has been a butt-load of food reviewers out there running to KFC and taste-testing their new Georgia Gold Chicken.  I choose not to hit every ship that comes along since it tends to bury each other’s reviews and no one wins.  I’m a YouTube Creator, but am also a businessman.  If it’s not going to do a thing for me and my brand, I probably won’t do it, with very few exceptions to that rule.  It’s much more valuable and beneficial to create evergreen videos rather than tent-pole videos.  I want people to be able to watch a video that I made 5 years ago and find it to be as relevant now as it was back when I originally put it out.

I decided that the Popeye’s Chicken Waffle Tenders was a better thing to review.  They were first introduced in 2014 and have made a come-back.  If Popeye’s continues to take them off the menu and bring them back every once in a while, it just makes more sense to me to do this rather than something that is here for a while and may never return.  Tent Pole videos are great to get an initial boost of viewers, but not a lot happens beyond that.  Of course, things that are on a restaurant’s menu full-time are always the best items to do.  But, I digress.  So, without further ado, here is my review of the Popeye’s Chicken Waffle Tenders:


There you go, gang!  I hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear your opinions on the Chicken Waffle Tenders.

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REVIEW: Taco Time Crisp Chicken Burrito

Hola, gang!

This time around I’m reviewing the Crisp Chicken Burrito from Taco Time.

Sorry about the lapse in getting reviews out to you here.  I have no excuse, so there we are. 😉  Please hit the channel and check out what else is there.

When I realized that I had yet to review anything from Taco Time, I was gob-smacked.  How could a fast food place with over 300 locations, which opened it’s doors in 1960, have slipped my mind?  So, I hurried over to show you what Taco Time was all about by grabbing one of my old standby favorites, a crisp burrito.  Now, we would call them more of a taquito, but Taco Time has always called them crisp burritos.  As long as it’s yummy, I could really care less what someone calls something.  The beef one is my favorite.  Pretty simple product, but really good.  I wanted to start off my reviews there with something a little different, so I grabbed a Crisp Chicken Burrito.  Here’s the video:


If you’re not sure about whether there is a Taco Time in your area, hit the web site and check by typing your state, zip, or whatever into their location finder.  Then, head back to the video here and tell me what you had and what you thought about it.

Have a freaking awesome day, gang, and I’ll see you again real soon.



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