Monthly Archive: November 2015

My Samsung SSD 850 EVO Is Here!


Hi, gang!

I’m so pumped about this! I have been wanting to upgrade some of my computer components for quite some time now and one of the first things to upgrade was my hard drive. I’ve heard the positive buzz about SSD (solid state drive) since they first came out (a lot of times from my son), but until recently, they were really expensive.

If you don’t know what a SSD is, in a nutshell, it’s a super fast hard drive without any moving parts. No platter to spin up (or slow down!), no noise, and, as I said, super fast. Remember how your system used to boot up and run when you first broke it out of it’s box? That’s how these solid state drives are ALL THE TIME!

So, after doing my research, I opted for this Samsung SSD 850 EVO, 250 gig. The prices have gone way down from what they were and that was the pull-the-trigger point for me. It’s really thin, small, and light.

samsung ssd 850 evo

Not to mention the fact that I wanted my new Windows 10 OS to boot up and run like a champ. I’m planning to put some of my more graphically intensive games and my video editing software on the drive. The remainder of the stuff that speed doesn’t matter will go over on my secondary Western Digital drive.

I hate getting into my computer and doing things. It’s a bit intimidating for me. I’m a software guy, not a hardware guy. The software and installation guide that came with the Samsung SSD makes it a snap to install and get up and running, especially if you don’t want to do a fresh install of your operating system.

All you need to do is install the software, plug the drive in via USB, and use that software to ghost over your primary drive with your OS on it to the new SSD. Power down your computer, install the SSD inside as your primary and the other drive as your secondary (or whatever), and you’re finished. THAT’S IT! I love it!

samsung solid state drive

I got my wife one too for her new computer system. My son also got one for himself and his wife. With the speed my wife will experience for the first time, it’s going to blow her away! Hahaha!

The ratings on the Samsung SSD’s are really good. That matters to me a lot. Company fluff is just that. I want to hear from real people who have used the product. And, as I said, the prices have come down a lot.

If you’d like to take a look at my Samsung SSD 850 EVO, it’s right here.

Just a solid recommendation from me to you! Take care and I’ll see you on Old Nerd Reviews on YouTube.