Monthly Archive: March 2015

New Camera Glasses and Shaquille O’Neal Soda Disaster!


This last week was fairly eventful:

I received my new pair of Pivothead Kudu Camera Glasses and had a short bit of time to play with them. So far, so good! I’m impressed with the quality they are producing over the iVUE glasses. I’ll have some immersion-type of food reviews coming up for you.

My last review was the Shaquille O’Neal-inspired Soda Shaq Vanilla Cream Soda. I had a few not-so-kind words to say about it. I’ve put the video below if you want to check it out:

I reviewed a couple new menu items from Taco Bell that I think you’ll enjoy.

Finally, with my camera glasses in hand, I’m planning to begin shooting a brand new video series, taking a cue from the Eating The Dollar Stores series that so many of you like so much. I think you’ll like this, too, so stay tuned.

That’s all for today; short and sweet!

Have a FREAKING AWESOME DAY and I’ll see you on the Old Nerd Reviews YouTube channel. 😉




Mega Coffee And Doughnuts!


I’m lounging around on a lazy Sunday and trying my darnedest not to do anything work-related.  It’s really difficult!  I am so used to being in production-mode, it takes effort to actually relax and take a day to rest.  I know it’s important, but it’s hard.  I’ve already been doing some social media work and edited together another review video for this coming week.

I may look into a work-a-holic therapy group!  Haha!!  Seriously though, it’s all a result of having so much fun doing what I do for a living, the line between work and fun get very blurry.

Needless to say, I have the coffee maker working overtime!!  BTW, how much coffee do you consume a day?  Leave a comment!


Also, I wanted to point out one of my recent videos that you may not have seen yet.  I went to Krispy Kreme and reviewed their new, limited-time Java Chip Doughnut.  I used my iVUE Horizon 1080p Camera Glasses to give you all a totally being-there type of feel.  In my haste to get it released to you, I neglected to tell YouTube to shoot it out to all the channel subscribers via email.  Duh!

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

Have any of you ever heard of or are using Swagbucks?  I discovered it about a year ago and found it’s a great way to make gift card money.  I can even turn it into PayPal for real cash.  I use it daily and have bought quite a lot off Amazon as a result, including my camera glasses and, just today, I bought the entire “Six Million Dollar Man” TV series on DVD.  I love classic television from when I was a kid!  If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, here’s a link to get started.  Totally free, too!

Finally, I’m planning to review the new Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Dish pizza from Little Caesars this week.  Quite a few of you have been asking for it, so I’m up to the task. 😉

OK.  I think that about covers it.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and a FREAKING AWESOME DAY!!





FOLLOW-UP: iVUE Broken Camera Glasses


I wanted to post a quick update to let you know more about the cracked iVUE Horizon 1080p Camera Glasses saga.

First, to catch you up in case you don’t know: the frames of my camera glasses cracked one month after purchasing them and I had to return them.  Here’s my review video on the whole thing:

iVUE commented on the video and told me that they have corrected the frames problem as of January 2015 (I bought mine in December of 2014; great timing, huh?).

So, I just purchased a new pair last night to see if that is indeed the case.  Did they actually correct the problem or was that just nothing more than reputation management?

I’ll keep you updated, both here and on the YouTube channel…. 😉