It still amazes me how many ways we can get the word out to the masses about our brand. It’s so easy, so fast, and so cheap! Sometimes, it’s totally unexpected.

marketing your brand

Case in point:

I have hats, t-shirts, and other swag to promote my YouTube channel, Old Nerd Reviews. I am Geek/Nerd who simply loves that sort of stuff and knows the power of branding and marketing myself.

I have two stores where I create my designs and put them on swag at CafePress and another at Zazzle. Other people can come to the stores and make purchases and I make money from it. I always buy a few things of my own, too. Very cool, if you’ve never heard of them. Anyway, I bought a hat with my logo on it and tend to wear it out in public when I haven’t taken a shower.

So, a couple weeks back, I’m at Dollar Tree and looking for foods to review for the “Eating The Dollar Stores” series of videos on the channel. I’m at check-out and the cashier asks me if that is me on my hat. I tell her yes and she asks what Old Nerd Reviews is. I tell her that it’s my YouTube channel where I do food reviews and product reviews. I explain to her the series of videos where I review things from the dollar stores. She says, “that’s really neat. Can I have the channel’s URL?” She writes it down and now I have one more subscriber. Awesome sauce!!

Fast forward to today. I’m wearing the hat again and at Walmart where I’m grabbing a movie for my wife and I from a Redbox kiosk. There is a McDonald’s right inside the main doors, so after I get the movie, I head over there to get a large $1 coffee. Once again, the cashier asks me about my hat. I explain about the channel and again am asked for the URL. Another subscriber!!

All this to say that we live in an age of unlimited potential to market our brand, both online and in the real world. Take every advantage to do so. Something as simple as wearing a hat got me two new subscribers to Old Nerd Reviews. I didn’t have to do anything except explain the channel after they asked me about the hat. I expect that this will now be a repeat happening and it was totally easy to do. No effort on my part except talking to someone else who wanted the information!

No matter where you are and what you’re doing, ask yourself if there is some way you can market yourself. It can be the easiest thing in the world.